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The company adheres to the principle of innovation and talent, attaches great importance to environmental friendliness, and maintains a good relationship of integrity and win-win with customers.

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  • SMC sheet machine before the new boot needs to pay attention to

    SMC sheet machine in new start when using, need not only to ensure proper installation, and also should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions to use, especially to master some common considerations, I brought up the next

  • SMC sheet production line problems in the process of production

    Today we simple chat about SMC sheet production line in the process of work is relatively easy to what are the problems related to what is the solution? In fact, as a professional SMC sheet factory, friends asked what about unit is webbing, so

  • SMC sheet machine need to prevent rust

    About SMC sheet machine has always been a popular products in the industry, the market now the supply of product is extensively used in everyday life, but recently there are quite a few friends to leave a message said to us, if SMC sheet machine to prevent rust, then

  • SMC sheet vendors would take you understand product to life brought the convenie

    SMC sheet machine is used to make SMC sheet machine, in the process of the up and low shrinkage additive is indispensable material, when the sheet slowly into in everybody's life, make people's lives a lot of convenience, so then follow SMC sheet vendors would together to do a detailed